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His waxen ____ did mount above his reach
Nothing so sweet as magic is to him, which he prefers before his _____ bliss
How am I glutted with conceit of this! Shall I make ____ fetch me what I please
'Tis magic, magic that hath ____ me
Within the massy ____ of the eath
This night I'll ____, though I die therefore
Now that the gloomy shadow of the earth, Longing to view Orion's _____ look
Faustus sprinkles holy water and makes a sign of the ____
Though art too ugly to attend on me. Go, and return an old ____ friar; that holy shape becomes a devil best
How ____ is this Mephistopheles
This word 'damnation' terrifies not him, For he confounds hell in _____
Unhappy spirits that fell with Lucifer, Conspired against ourGod with Lucifer, And are _____ damned with Lucifer
Why, this is ____, nor am I out of it
Had I as many souls as there be ____, I'd give them all to Mephistopheles
Ay, and Faustus will turn to God again. To God? He ____ thee not
To him I'll build an altar and a church, and offer ____ blood of newborn babes
Enter GOOD ANGEL and ____ ANGEL
My blood ____, and I can write no more
'Homo, ___' Whither should I fly? If unto God, he'll throw me down to hell
Enter Mephistopheles with devils, giving crowns and rich apparel to Faustus, and ____ and then depart
Come, I think hell's a ____
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For I am ____ and lascivious, and cannot live without a wife
A ___ on her for a hot ****!
Be she as chaste as was Penelope, As wise as Saba, or as beautiful as was bright ____ before his fall
And long ere this I should have slain myself, Had not sweet pleasure conquered ___ despair
If thou repent, devils shall ___ thee in pieces
To burn his Scriptures, slay his ministers, and make my spirits pull his ____ down.
FAUSTUS sits. Enter the ___ DEADLY SINS
To see the ___ and manner of his court, And take some part of holy Peter's feast
___, book, and candle, candle, book and ____, Forward and backward, to curse Faustus to hell
Maledicat _____
What art thou Faustus, but a man ____ to die? Thy fatal time doth draw to final end.
His faith is great, I cannot touch his ___
Was this the face that launched a thousand ships, And burnt the topless towers of Ilium? Sweet Helen, make me ____ with a kiss
Her lips ___ forth my soul
O, would I had never seen ____, never read book!
For ____ pleasure of four-and-twenty years hath Faustus lost eternal joy and felicity
O, I'll ___ up to my God! Who pulls me down?
O soul, be changed into little ___, And fall into the ocean, ne'er be found!
Adders and serpents, let me ___ a while!
I'll burn my books. Ah, _____!
Cut is the ____ that might have grown full straight

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