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QuoteMissing wordStory
His Beauty, his girl-child, his ____The Courtship of Mr Lyon
Perfect, Palladian house that seemed to hide itself ____ behind snow-laden skirtsThe Courtship of Mr Lyon
The gate, now closed, barred all within it from the world outside the walled, ____ gardenThe Courtship of Mr Lyon
A place of _____ where all the rules of the world he knew did not necessarily applyThe Courtship of Mr Lyon
He saw the lion’s ___ were made of agateThe Courtship of Mr Lyon
Lions are more beautiful by far than we are, yet they belong to a different ____ of beautyThe Courtship of Mr Lyon
And such a one she felt herself to be, Miss ____, spotless, sacrificialThe Courtship of Mr Lyon
Do not think she had no will of her own; only, she was possessed by a sense of _______ to an unusual degreeThe Courtship of Mr Lyon
She was learning, at the end of her adolescence, how to be a _____ childThe Courtship of Mr Lyon
It seemed still _____ possessed his gardenThe Courtship of Mr Lyon
The roses she had sent him were thrust into the jug from the washstand but they were all ___The Courtship of Mr Lyon
Her tears fell on his face like ____ and, under their soft transformation, the bones showed through the peltThe Courtship of Mr Lyon
My father lost me to the beast at ____The Tiger's Bride
And the deathly, sensual _____ of the sweet South infects the starved brain; it gasps ‘Luxury! more luxury!The Tiger's Bride
The candles dropped hot, ____ gouts of wax on my bare shouldersThe Tiger's Bride
Only from a _____ would you think The Beast not much different from any other manThe Tiger's Bride
It was not my flesh but, truly, my father’s soul that was in ____The Tiger's Bride
My tear-beslobbered father wants a rose to show that I _____ him. When I break off a steam, I prick my father so he gets his rose all smeared with bloodThe Tiger's Bride
Gaping doors and broken windows let the ____ in everywhereThe Tiger's Bride
My master’s sole desire is to see the ____ young lady unclothed nude without her dress and that only for the one timeThe Tiger's Bride
A tear! A tear, I hoped, of ____The Tiger's Bride
’Nothing ____ lives here,’ said the valetThe Tiger's Bride
The ____ of a young lady’s skin that no man has seen beforeThe Tiger's Bride
All the best ______ in the world state categorically that not beasts not women were equipped with the flimsy, insubstantial things when the good Lord opened the gates of EdenThe Tiger's Bride
You must, then, prepare yourself for the sight of my master, ______The Tiger's Bride
QuoteMissing wordStory
I felt my breast ripped apart as if I suffered a _______ woundThe Tiger's Bride
I will dress her in my own clothes, wind her up, send her back to perform the ___ of my father’s daughterThe Tiger's Bride
Nursery fears made flesh and sinew; earliest and most _____ of fears, fear of devourmentThe Tiger's Bride
The reverberations of his purring rocked the foundations of the house, the walls began to _____. I thought: ‘It will all fall, everything will disintegrate'The Tiger's Bride
And each stroke of his ____ ripped off skin after successive skinThe Tiger's Bride
My earrings turned back to water and trickled down my shoulders; I shrugged the drops off my ______ furThe Tiger's Bride
The woods enclose. You step between the first trees and then you are no longer in the open air; the wood _____ you upThe Erl-King
Erl-King will do you _____ harmThe Erl-King
How cruel it is, to keep wild birds in cages! But he laughs at me when I say that; laughs and shows his white, _____ teethThe Erl-King
He is an ______ housewifeThe Erl-King
He is the ____ butcher who showed me how the price of flesh is love; skin the rabbit he says! Off come all my clothesThe Erl-King
Silly, fat, trusting woodies with the pretty wedding ____ round their necksThe Erl-King
He could thrust me into the seed-bed of next year’s generation and I would have to wait until he ______ me up from my darkness before I could come back againThe Erl-King
I feel your sharp teeth in the ______ depths of your kissesThe Erl-King
I should like to grow enormously small, so that you could swallow me… then I could lodge inside your body and you would ____ meThe Erl-King
Eyes green as apples. Green as dead sea ____The Erl-King
I will be drawn down into that black _____ and be consumed by youThe Erl-King
I shall be ___, from spiteThe Erl-King
But in his ______ he never knew he might be the death of me, although I knew from the first moment I saw him how Erl-King would do me grievous harmThe Erl-King
With hands as gentle as ____, I shall strangle him with themThe Erl-King
The ___ will dance over the new strings of its own accord and they will cry out: ‘Mother, mother, you have murdered me!'The Erl-King
Midwinter- _____, immaculateThe Snow Child
I wish I had a ___ as white as snowThe Snow Child
She was the child of his ____ and the Countess hated herThe Snow Child
Now the Countess was bare as a bone and the girl furred and _____; the Count felt sorry for his wifeThe Snow Child
QuoteMissing wordStory
So the girl picks a rose; pricks her finger on the thorn; ____; screams; fallsThe Snow Child
The Count got off his horse, unfastened his breeches and thrust his ____ member into the dead girlThe Snow Child
’It ____!’ she said.The Snow Child
The beautiful ______ helplessly perpetuates her ancestral crimesThe Lady of the House of Love
Can a bird sing only the song it knows or can it ____ a new song?The Lady of the House of Love
She likes to hear it announce how it cannot _____The Lady of the House of Love
The blood on the Countess’s ____ will be mixed with tearsThe Lady of the House of Love
He has the special quality of virginity, most and least ambiguous of states: ignorance, yet at the same time, ____ in potentiaThe Lady of the House of Love
To ride a bicycle is in itself some protection against superstitious fears, since the bicycle is the product of ___ applied to motionThe Lady of the House of Love
A great, _____ surge of the heavy scent of red roses blew into his face as soon as they left the villageThe Lady of the House of Love
He was surprised to find how ____ the interior of the house was- cobwebs, worm-eaten beams, crumbling plasterThe Lady of the House of Love
A girl with the fragility of the _____ of a moth, so thin, so frail that her dress seemed to him to hang suspendedThe Lady of the House of Love
Even- but he put the thought away from him immediately- a ****’s ____The Lady of the House of Love
She hovers in a no-man’s land between life and death, _____ and wakingThe Lady of the House of Love
He will learn to shudder in the _____. But this girl cannot make him shudderThe Lady of the House of Love
She has no mouth with which to kiss, no hands with which to caress, only the fangs and talons of a ____ of preyThe Lady of the House of Love
The bride-groom bleeds on my _____ marriage bedThe Lady of the House of Love
The _____ within her fails her, now, when she needs it mostThe Lady of the House of Love
He will ____ it better for her, as her mother, had she lived, would have doneThe Lady of the House of Love
How can she bear the pain of becoming human? The end of ____ is the end of beingThe Lady of the House of Love
We shall turn her into the lovely girl she is; I shall cure her of all these _______The Lady of the House of Love
In death, she looked far ___, less beautiful and so, for the first time, fully humanThe Lady of the House of Love
And I leave you as a souvenir the dark, ____ rose I plucked from between my thighs, like a flower laid on a graveThe Lady of the House of Love
Next day, his ______ embarked for FranceThe Lady of the House of Love

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