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Can you name the Pokemon by the given specie from generation II?

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Forced Order
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Star Shape Pokémon
Sharp Claw Pokémon
Handstand Pokémon
Thunder Pokémon
Frog Pokémon
String Spit Pokémon
Aurora Pokémon
Live Coal Pokémon
Fairy Pokémon
Flyscorpion Pokémon
Scuffle Pokémon
Diving Pokémon
Angler Pokémon
Bat Pokémon
Balloon Pokémon
Royal Pokémon
Seed Pokémon
Long Body Pokémon
Milk Cow Pokémon
Wool Pokémon
Rock Skin Pokémon
Scout Pokémon
Hibernator Pokémon
Little Bear Pokémon
Symbol Pokémon
Jet Pokémon
Tiny Mouse Pokémon
Lava Pokémon
Long Nose Pokémon
Kiss Pokémon
Time Travel Pokémon
Water Fish Pokémon
Herb Pokémon
Darkness Pokémon
Rainbow Pokémon
Screech Pokémon
Electric Pokémon
Aqua Mouse Pokémon
Land Snake Pokémon
Light Pokémon
Iron Snake Pokémon
Aqua Rabbit Pokémon
Kite Pokémon
Moonlight Pokémon
Five Star Pokémon
Delivery Pokémon
Pincer Pokémon
Cottonweed Pokémon
Pig Pokémon
Single Horn Pokémon
Hard Shell Pokémon
Spike Ball Pokémon
Happiness Pokémon
Tiny Bird Pokémon
Long Leg Pokémon
Dark Pokémon
Bagworm Pokémon
Owl Pokémon
Armor Pokémon
Leaf Pokémon
Mystic Pokémon
Painter Pokémon
Big Horn Pokémon
Dragon Pokémon
Virtual Pokémon
Clear Wing Pokémon
Sun Pokémon
Patient Pokémon
Coral Pokémon
Volcano Pokémon
Imitation Pokémon
Big Jaw Pokémon
Long Tail Pokémon
Flower Pokémon
Armor Bird Pokémon
Mold Pokémon
Long Neck Pokémon
Fire Mouse Pokémon
Swine Pokémon

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