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Can you name the Can you name the character by the given devil fruit power?

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manipulates magnetic forces
store objects in pockets on his body
make anyone fall asleep
Can rust iron
can transform into a caterpillar
utilizes voodoo dolls and transformation into a large Straw-Monster
turns into a cow
Makes any body part explode
transform into a falcon or falcon-human hybrid at will
can controll size to make user smaller
Replicate and make multiple copies of body parts
transform into both a bison-human hybrid and a full bison
Turn and control magma
ability to create and control special hormones
allows the user to turn into a large King Cobra
turn one and the thing user touch become invisible
transforms arms into wings and fly
produce and control different types of poison and immunity to all forms of poison
body of the user to be harden and heat up body temperature
grow three pairs of spider-like black arms and a spider abdomen
Body turns to steel
ability to turn into a liquid-like substance
become a large dachshund
turn into almost like Buddha
User controlls and turns into ice
Create doors from anything one touches
Transforms body to Rubber
ability to push anything at speed of light gives paw shape on palms
create and control poisonous mushroom spores
levitate user and non-living things in the air
two-inch long claws and the ability to attack with blades of air
Legs turn to springs
transform into an anaconda hybrid and a full anaconda
ability to transform into a dinosaur
transform into a giraffe-human hybrid and a full giraffe
speak to animals
Change weight without affecting apperance
Can chew anything and fuse with what is chewing
manipulate and transform into sand
transform into and control electricity
turns him into a phoenix
becomes and controls candy syrup.
turns into a koala
transforming different body parts into instruments
transform into human hybrid and a full human
Transforms into paper
enabling the storage of armies inside his own body
shoot Noroma Photons that slow down time
Body can turn orbs or spheres
Limbs turn to wheels
power to become a mole and mole hybrid
ability to produce and control vast amounts of heat
Can control soap and bubbles
Can copy the apperance and abilities of anyone they touch
age manipulation of user and others
Create beams and moves at speed of light
Wash and dry people/objects like clothes
transforms into diamond
Can bind foe iron shackles
transform into fire and control it
Grants a second life
turn into a rhino
User controlls darkness and gravitiy
transform parts of their body into scissors
create beams of sound that look like energy beams
Body comes slippery and attacks and all objects slide off
transform into a horse
Uses lust to turn others to stone
turn into a zebra
produce nets from body
Body can split and immune to cutting attacks
power that switches objects inside a spherical area
become a elephant
Grow spikes from anywere on body
transform into a leopard-human hybrid and a full leopard
create shock waves
Control shadows
transform into a full jackal or a jackal-human hybrid
manipulate and transform into smoke
transform into a large werewolf and a full wolf
Turns body into wax
produce ghosts

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