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Not always most recognizable role. Not in any order
Detective Lee Butters, Lance Barton, Farrell Caretaker
Alonzo Harris, John Quincy Archibold, Rubin Carter
Fletcher Reede, Bruce Nolan, Count Olaf
Roy McAvoy, Earl Brooks, Eliot Ness
Danny Zuko, Gabriel Shear, Benard Ryder
Marcus Burnett, Roscoe Jenkins, Malcolm Turner
Benjamin Stone, Dale Denton, Ira Wright
Bobby Mercer, Max Payne, Bob Lee Swagger
Nazo, Duece Bigalow, Clive
Larry Valentine, Albert Brennamen, Paul Blart
Nathaniel Ayers, Ricardo Tubbs, Willie Beamen
Benjamin Martin, Martin Riggs, William Wallace
Sonny Koufax, Dave Buznik, Paul Crewe
Leroy Barnes, James Robert 'Radio' Kennedy, Petty Officer Doris Miller
Jim Braddock, Richie Roberts, John Nash
God, Lucius Fox, Nelson Mandela
Coach Gary Gaines, Willie, Dan Truman
Jack 'Cap' Rooney, Jimmy Morris, Frank Sullivan
Not always most recognizable role. Not in any order
Commodus, Johnny Cash, Merrill Hess
John McClane, Harry Stamper, Jimmy Tudeski
Danny Archer, Billy Costigan Jr., Jack Dawson
Professor Robert Langdon, Chuck Noland, Woody
Evan Baxter, Andy Stitzer, Brick Tamland
Dr. Dan Mott, Scott Evil, Lyle
Frank Ricard, Mustafa, Phil Weston
Ray Ferrier, Ethan Hunt, Joel Goodsen
Colin Sullivan, Linus Caldwell, Tom Ripley
Sgt. Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson, Coach Ken Carter, Mace Windu
Chuckie Sullivan, A.J Frost, Rafe McCawley
Shane Falco, Conor O'Neill, Detective Tom Ludlow
James Darrell Edwards, Robert Neville, Mike Lowery
Danny Ocean, Billy 'Skip' Tyne, Bruce Wayne
Joe Black, Achilles, Rusty Ryan
Bruce Banner, Derek Vinyard, Lester 'worm' Murphy
Richie Goodman, Richard Hayden, Steve Dodds
Det. James 'Sonny' Crockett, Jim Street, Danny Witwer

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