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Type of Vacuum that can be used to clean a PC
Used to blow dust out of a PC
Type of bruch that can be used in a PC
Use this to keep yourself grounded
Use this to ground the PC
Before working on a PC what should you turn off
This form describes safe handling procedures for dangerous materials.
This type of hardware should never be opened because it can store a charge up to 20,000 volts
This FRU is one that should be replaced and never opened to replace a part?
All hardware device should be kept in this
An IC extractor is used to pull these out of a PC
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This is used to measure power within a PC
Used to to verify that a device can both send and receive signals.
This is used to see the current state of the system and running applications
Used to modify hardware settings, troubleshoot problems, and update drivers
Used to view logs about programs, system events, and security
Is a program that processes requests from other applications or users. They can start automatically or they might be constantly running in the background
Displays statistics that tell you about the operation of your computer.
Maintains historical data that describe the operating system's stability.
Msinfo32 is used to display _______ Information
Has complete and unrestricted access to the computer
This helps minimize the dangers of unwanted actions or unintended software installations.

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