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Stores Date and Time for a PC
Common Keys to click to get into BIOS
What is it called when you update the BIOS
This power in volts is used in the US
The power supply converts ____ to ____
Name one of the voltages a Power Supply proives to a PC
What are Power Supplies rated in
What type of power connector proivdes power to IDE devices
What type of power connector proveds power to a floppy dirve
Screws used to lift the motherboard off the case are called
Your CPU must match the motherboard ____ type inorder to fit
The motherboard, case and Power supply must all have the same what inroder to fit together?
In order to use 8GB of memory you would need this type of processor
When your CPU is pushed past its factory limit this is known as
Diagnostic beeps at startup are called ____ beeps
This type of expansion bus is used for video cards
One of these two methods may be used to link video cards together
This type of DVI connector for video is used for digital video output only
This type of DVI connector for video is used to provide both analog and digital output
The number of different colors that can be displayed on the screen at a time
The number of pixels available on a display screen
The number of times the entire screen repaints per second.
Typically this port is used for speakers and other audio devices
This substance is used to help move heat away from the CPU
This finned device is used to help move heat away from the CPU
This type of connector is used for mice and keyboards
A DB-15 two row is this type of device
A DB-25 two row is this type of device
One of these two types of ports are used mainly for plug-and-play devices

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