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Can you name the facts about Ross from A-Z?

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A- Ross dressed up as the Holiday ___________ to teach Ben about Hanukkah
B- Ross wanted to play these at Monica and Chandler's wedding
C- Ross started dating this attractive paleontologist in Barbados
D- Ross' checks have this on it
E- Ross' much younger girlfriend
F- Ross burnt his hands taking this dish out of the oven because he forgot to put on oven mitts
G- When he was young, Ross had a sticker on his backpack that said this
H- Ross, Monica and Chandler see this band in concert on Ross' birthday
I- Ross doesn't like this because it's too cold
J- Ross planned on getting a cat with this woman
K- Ross is allergic to this food
L- He is also allergic to this
M- Ross' monkey
N- Ross is a professor here
O- Ross takes Emily here as a favor to Rachel
P- Ross keeps yelling this at Rachel and Chandler when they help him move his couch
Q- Ross invents all of these for the contest between Monica & Rachel and Chandler & Joey
R- Ross plays this to impress Emily
S- The title of Ross' comic book
T- Ross still can't eat this after the incidence on Space Mountain
U- Ross' total state of awareness
V- Ross came in 4th in this lookalike contest and cried!
W- Ross was in the 'I hate Rachel Green' club with this guy
X- Ross slept with the girl from this store when he and Rachel 'were on a break'
Y- After reading Rachel's 18 page letter (front and back!) Ross corrects Rachel's spelling of this word
Z- After his monkey starts humping everything Ross sends him to a ______ in San Diego

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