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Can you name the facts about Rachel from A-Z?

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A- Where Rachel and Barry were supposed to go on their Honeymoon
B- Mark helped Rachel get a job here
C- Rachel sang this song at Barry and Mindy's wedding
D- Rachel broke up with this guy because he was inappropriate with his sister
E- Rachel's daughter
F- 'Who's ______. Why's he getting all my money?'
G- Rachel kisses this coworker on the balcony then calls in sick to work to avoid him
H- Rachel got a tattoo of this on her hip
I- Rachel's boyfriend Paolo is this nationality
J- This boyfriend was stealing from Rachel
K- Rachel's middle name
L- A rumor labled Rachel as the hermaphrodite cheerleader from ______________________
M- Rachel kissed this sorority sister in college
N- Rachel gets her and Monica a date with 2 hot ________ when Phoebe gives birth to the triplets, and Joey is disappointed to find out they are male
O- Rachel calls a policeman this to get out of a ticket
P- Rachel broke up with this 'neat guy' when he wouldn't stop crying
Q- Rachel gave Chandler a hypnosis tape to help him do this
R- Rachel dates this periodontist who reminds the gang of Ross
S- Rachel is scared of this because her hair got tangled in it and her mom had to cut it out
T- Rachel's boyfriend/assistant
U- 'No _________, no opinion'
V- Rachel and Ross get married in 'The one in _______'
W- Rachel's favorite movie
X- Ross must reassure Rachel that she can’t look fat in this
Y- Rachel fogs this 'creature' in the basement
Z- Rachel accuses this boss of trying to buy her baby

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