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Can you name the facts about Phoebe from A-Z?

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A- Phoebe's sister-in-law
B- Phoebe never had one of these growing up so Ross buys her one (which made Chandler cry)
C- Phoebe gets this from Ben which messes up her plans with her navy boyfriend
D- Phoebe dated this scientist until he moved to Minsk
E- Phoebe briefly dates this man, who was her twin sister's ex-fiancé
F- Phoebe wants a new doctor to deliver the triplets when he says he likes this TV character
G- Phoebe's 3-D art
H- Phoebe calls Joey and Chandler rotten boys when they get this on her dress
I- Phoebe's gay husband worked as an ______________
J- While covering for Rachel, Phoebe claimed this famous person was the father of her baby
K- Phoebe thought this guy was Ralph Lauren when she made out with him in the copy room
L- Phoebe tells Ross that Rachel is his ___________
M- Phoebe's profession
N- Phoebe thought her Grandmother got her cookie recipe from a french friend, but it really came from this company
O- There are 3 things you should know about Phoebe: 1. Her friends are the most important in her life 2. She never lies and 3. She makes the best ___________________ in the world
P- Phoebe legally changed her name to this
Q- Phoebe tells Chandler she will give him $7000 if he does this
R- Phoebe's alias
S- Phoebe made a music video for this song
T- Phoebe found this is her soda can
U- Phoebe's twin sister
V- Phoebe's fake long-term boyfriend
W- When Phoebe was an extra on Days of Our Lives she played a nurse and a ____________
X- Phoebe thinks Joey and Chandler are 'Lazy Boys' and need to get outside more until this show comes on TV
Y- Phoebe had never seen the ending of Old __________ so she thought it was a happy movie
Z- Phoebe is glad to see Ross at Central Perk before her date with Mike so he can _____ her dress. 'Can you believe no one between my apartment and here offered to do that for me'

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