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Can you name the facts about Monica from A-Z?

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A- Monica was hired as head chef of this restaurant after she gave it a terrible review
B- Monica's field hockey nickname
C- Monica became a chef because this person told her to
D- Monica was excited to inherit this from her aunt Sylvia
E- The name of Monica's easy bake oven restaurant
F- Monica was mad when this cousin did not invite her to her wedding
G- Phoebe accused Monica of overusing this ingredient at Javu
H- Monica's hair was twice as big in Barbados because of this
I- Monica works at this restaurant when the show begins
J- Monica finally gets a date with this actor when Rachel tells him she wants a 3-way with Drew Barrymore
K- When Monica and this former roomate of Chandler broke up, he was phased out of the group
L- Where Monica and Chandler first hookup
M- Monica worked at this 50's diner
N- Monica and Chandler's real estate agent
O- Monica steals this from the first class lounge
P- Monica breaks this man's watch for lying to her (the first guy she dates on the show)
Q- Monica loses her blue fingernail in this dish when she caters for her mom
R- He was Monica's first kiss ever
S- Monica's favorite drink
T- Monica couldn't do this until she was 13 (It's hard for some people!)
U- Monica broke up with Pete when he became obsessed with becoming this
V- Julio wrote Monica an insulting poem entitled The Empty ______
W- Monica and Chandler bought a house here
X- Monica needed this when Ross squeezed her hand too hard when he had to get a shot
Y- Monica must dance on the counter to this song in the 50's diner where she works
Z- Monica claims there are 7 erogenous _________

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