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A- Joey’s profession
B- Joey auditioned to be the host for this game show
C- 'Look at me! I’m Chandler! Could I BE wearing anymore clothes? Maybe if I wasn’t going ____________'
D- Joey goes by this nickname when pretending to be a waiter at Monica’s restaurant
E- Joey's agent
F- Joey's middle name
G- Joey accidently threw this woman’s artificial leg in the fire
H- Joey's pickup line
I- Joey did a commercial for this lipstick for men
J- Joey briefly lived with (and dated) this Australian dancer
K- Joey's alias
L- Joey records a fake scene in his apartment to play for his grandmother (Nonnie) when his part on this show gets cut
M- Joey's imaginary friend
N- Joey’s character Dr. Drake Ramoray’s profession
O- Joey was able to stuff 15 of these cookies in his mouth (his personal best!)
P- Joey was a celebrity guest on this game show
Q- Joey grew up here
R- Joey's recliner
S- Joey put this book in the freezer because he got scared
T- Joey cries every time someone talks about this movie
U- Joey creates a giant poking device out of chopsticks to make sure this neighbor is not dead
V- When Joey models for a health poster his entire family thinks he has ____ and does not allow him to come to dinner
W- Joey’s magical story he tells when he wants to have sex includes him backpacking across here
X- Chandler asks Joey what’s better, the girl from the _______ place butt naked (on one hand) or big tub of Jam (in the other hand), and Joey tells him to put his hands together
Y- Charlie tells Joey she wants to see the MET and Joey says, 'Ok, let me stop you right there, the Mets suck. You wanna see the _________!'
Z- Joey calls Ross the 'mayor of the friend _______' because he waited too long to ask Rachel out
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