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A. Ross and Monica's Nana that died
B. Joey auditioned to be the host of this game show
C. The name Chandler first wanted to change his name to (Phoebe said he couldn't pull it off!)
D. The song Monica sings at Karaoke
E. Monica's much younger boyfriend
F. Monica's boyfriend that may have been an alcoholic (He was boring sober!)
G. Joey threw her artificial leg in the fire
H. Joey's bedtime penguin pal
I. Joey thinks he will be rich when he finds this in Las Vegas. (People will pay good money to see this!)
J. Ross' girlfriend that he was going to get a cat with
K. Phoebe made out with him and thought he was Ralph Lauren
L. Where Ross, Monica and Rachel went to high school
M. Monica uses this fake name when she meets the woman who stole her credit card
N. Chandler's third nipple
O. Monica steals this from the first class lounge
P. He wanted to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion
Q. Monica lost a fake fingernail in this dish when catering for her mom
R. Phoebe's Navy boyfriend (played by Charlie Sheen)
S. The band Chandler wanted for his wedding
T. Eddie's ex-girlfriend
U. The friends spy on this neighbor and later Ross gets his apartment
V. Phoebe's made-up long term boyfriend
W. Rachel Green and complex carbs are his worst enemies
X. Chloe and Isaac work here
Y. Who Rachel and Monica thought they fogged in the storage room
Z. Monica says there are 7 erogenous these

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