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Can you name the facts about Chandler from A-Z?

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A- Chandler briefly dates this married Israeli woman
B- Chandler's Nephew
C- Chandler invents this game so he can give Joey money
D- Joey tells Mr. Treeger this is Chandler's nickname
E- Chandler's crazy roomate
F- Chandler's hairstyle in college
G- This woman breaks up with Chandler when she discovers his third nipple
H- Chandler's dad
I- After quitting his job Chandler becomes an _________ in advertising
J- Chandler gets trapped in an ATM vestibule with this woman
K- Chandler's favorite basketball team
L- This phenomenon scares the bejesus out of Chandler: Michael Flatley _______________________
M- Chandler's middle name
N- Chandler's third nipple
O- Chandler accidentally volunteers to move here for work when he falls asleep during a meeting
P- 'You know, on second thought, gum would be ___________'
Q- Chandler needs Ross' help to ______ the gym, but is unsuccessful because he couldn't leave Ross without a spotter!
R- Chandler is jealous when he finds out Monica had lunch with this man
S- Monica thinks Chandler is turned on by this
T- Chandler's coworker has called him this for 5 years and he has never corrected him
U- After Chandler pulls Susie's skirt up in the 4th grade, she receives this nickname
V- Chandler searches all over for this book for Kathy and ends up letting Joey give it to her
W- Chandler and Ross' band in college
X- Chandler thinks the woman with the belly button ring who works at this store is hot
Y- Chandler tells Janice he is moving here for work
Z- Chandler thinks this coworker would make a perfect sperm donor

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