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A- Joey competes with the Hombre man for a date with this woman
B- Phoebe is very excited to see this woman at her suprise birthday party (But she is sad Joey isn't there because he is with Ursula)
C- Ross dates this messy girl
D- Phoebe thinks Monica wants her hair cut like this actor's
E- Rachel and Phoebe want Joey to marry this women
F- Joey's tailor
G- Phoebe's 3-D artwork that Mike won't let her keep
H- Joey pictured Monica marrying and having kids with a blonde guy named this (instead of using a sperm donor)
I- Joey did a Japanese commercial for this lipstick for men
J- This woman mistakes Chandler and Joey's phone number for Bob's. Chandler later convinces her that Bob stood her up so he can date her
K- Ross and Joey both help this women move into her apartment and compete over her (They lose her somewhere around VD)
L- Rachel's father
M- Ursula's stalker that Phoebe briefly dates
N- Chandler was supposed to fire this woman but asked her on a date instead. He told his boss that she had a mental breakdown.
O- Phoebe's guitar case is lined with this
P- Russ' profession
Q- Chandler is unable to _______ the gym so he takes Ross with him for help. (Ross ends up joining!)
R- Rachel tells Danny she is unable to attend his party because she is going to a __________ Gala
S- Monica makes many prototypes for Joey to try on to make it look like he is uncircumsized. This is the winner
T- Chandler's coworker has called him this for over 5 years and Chandler has never corrected him
U- The East German laundry detergent Ross buys to impress Rachel
V- Monica puts this on herself to turn Chandler on when she is sick
W- Wife/ex-wife of 'hums while he pees' that Ross briefly dates (She uses sex as a weapon!)
X- Monica must get this for her hand because Ross squeezes it too hard when he gets a shot
Y- Monica has to dance to this song on the counter of the 50's diner she works at
Z- Chandler brings home this coworker because he thinks he will make a perfect sperm donor (Played by John Stamos)

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