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QUIZ: Can you name the Super smash bros characters by strange descriptions?

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Forced Order
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Weird descriptionCharacter
The iconic electric mouse that everyone knows his name
Redhead loves slashing with fire
The strong beast-man that is in TLOZ
A ninja-frog thinger
A racer that says his name every time he punches you
Two twins that stick together while fighting
An elf that looks like extremely like Robin Hood
The master of Aura.........and stuff.
The princess in Super Mario Galaxy, comes to sparkle her way to victory!!!Kinda sounds funny
A green dragon, with a wide selection of eggs
The tiny masked man with a very deep voice
A goddess that is stronger than she looks
You know his name
Turnips hurt...
Weird descriptionCharacter
Throw a left and right! Uppercut!
A 2-D stickman that sounds like a telephone
He has three animal friends that fight for him,but for some reason he always wants to be the very best
A townsperson that uses everyday items to (ironically) beat people up
She is the Queen of lullabies and a pink puffball
He eats enemies for new moves! Eww
A strong blue swordsman with an attitude
By watching her, this is why you should exercise
A kid with swirly hair and psychic powers
An astronaut that digs up his companions
A fat duck thingy that has a big hammer
a blue robot that has a many of projectiles
A fat biker with a habit of farting too close to people
Speedy himself controls springs,rings,and other cool things
A bird that flies in space

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