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Mr. Krab's navy buddy nickname. _______ Abs KrabsA
Where did spongebob get injured causing him to never want to be outsideB
Only think on plankton's restaurant's menuC
According to 'The Chaperone.' What is 'The Sponge'?D
What animal do you have touch for the cephalopod lodge initiation E
What song does Spongebob and Plankton sing together in the episode when plankton becomes friends with spongebob to steal the Krabby Patty formulaF
With a can of invisible spray how did spongebob and Patrick scare the entire town. By looking like _______G
What did Squidward lose ever since Jim left the Krusty KrabH
What magic does Spongebob and Patrick use in 'Idiot Box'?I
Mermaid man and barnacle boy are both superheroes so they fight forJ
Type 'Nothing' couldn't think of a KK
Spongebob likes to both cry and what?L
What did Patrick acquire, causing Squidward to teach him the art of fanciness M
What is Squidward's response, whenever spongebob asks to play with himN
What does the bikini bottom man choir singO
What did Spongebob and Squidward once deliver for the first time in an 1999 episode?P
Spongebob is probably never______Q
What shape was spongebob's pants, when everyone in bikini bottom didn't recognize him because?R
In the comic book store,what does an ad tell Patrick what he can turn one of his poems intoS
What is pearl(mr. Krab's daughter) considered because of her age?T
In the end of the episode mentioned 3 questions above, what nickname did Sandy give him, after he discarded the new pants? Spongebob _____PantsU
Type 'Nothing' too lazy for a VV
In the episode when mr. Krabs,spongebob,and Patrick go on a treasure hunt. What direction do they goW
Type 'Nothing' because I have no idea for an X. Sorry.X
Squidward always does this to spongebobY
When mr. Krabs sends spongebob to spy on pearl's slumber party, what is spongebob mistaken as after he comes out of the root beer cellar, while the girls watch a horror movie?Z
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