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Forced Order
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Monster of the sea in wintersWinters
Fat Bully's little brotherOnett
Kidnapper of the mr. saturns Grapefruit Falls
Prince of DalaamDalaam
Fat Bully's fatherOnett
Unpopular and unhygienic inventorTwoson
Worlds very first dungeon-manWinters
Leader of the Happy-HappyistsHappy Happy Village
Lives in a cave of monkeysDusty Dunes Desert
Shy genius great with projectilesWinters
Gold mine diggerDusty Dunes Desert
Leader of the sharksOnett
Evil statue that creates illusionsN/A
Mayor of OnettOnett
Manager of Fourside museumFourside
Main HeroOnett
Main Hero's sisterOnett
Acquaintances from magicantMagicant
Bubble-blowing apeWinters
Mayor of FoursideFourside
Brother of gold mine diggerDusty Dunes Desert
Onett police force leaderOnett
Jazz band in debt Twoson/Fourside
Manager of Summers museumSummers
Fourside mayor's maidFourside
Pretty female popstarTwoson/Fourside
Best thief of Burglin ParkTwoson
Meteorite protector which is a flyN/A
Genius's dadWinters
Fat Bully, neighbor of main heroOnett
Best friend and roommate of geniusWinters
Inventor of the bad key machineWinters
Pretty girl great with fry pansTwoson
Main Hero's dogOnett
Popular and hygienic inventorTwoson
Pure evilN/A
Hi Ho Me ________Zoom!Saturn Valley
.......We're shy.........Tenda Village
Statue discoverer Onett
Fat Bully's motherOnett

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