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Neodo nacheoreom ireohke apeunji Neodo nacheoreom nunmul naneunji
A Group With 4 Members 
You got the fire naui gaseumeun kkung kkung kkung
A Female Group 
MYSTERY MYSTERY Molla Molla ajig naneun Molla Gibon Gibon saranggongshig Saramdeure ibyeolgongshig
The Maknae Is 17 
Baby I'm sorry we got the better
A Group With 5 Members 
SHINee's back, SHINee's back SHINee's back back back back back
A Group With 5 Members 
You runnin' ah ah ah ah, you screamin' ah ah ah ah
Not A Title Song 
Ne moseubi ajig jal silgami najil anha nan Uri han yagsogeun baramgwa hamkke sarajyeosseo Nameun geon neoui chagaun siseon
A Rookie Group 
Ne haendeupon sumanheun namja Han geuljaman bakkun yeoja
2 of The Members Are From California 
Ni senggangmanhaedo bolsseo nae momi ttollyeowa Neol yeongso mothae ije buteo neon
The Leader Is 24 
Bang Bang bigeophage da geudae dwieseo meoril gyeonunda
They Played Aliens On A Show 

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