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___ ___ is in my ears, and in my eyes!The Beatles
__'s ___ _ ___..Her whole worlds come undone...from looking straight at the sun.Aerosmith
____ ____ LET IT ALL OUT! these are things i could do without! come on! Tears for fears
I see a red door and want it _____ _____The rolling stones
It aint me(x2) I aint no fortunate one! It aint me(x2) I aint no _______ ___!Creedance Clear water rival (CCR)
Uh uh huh! ____ _ ____ _____ ___! You hold me tight! tell me im the only one, wanna come over tonight! yeah!!The Romantics
_____ __ __ ____ if we were older! then we wouldnt have to wait so long!The Beach Boys
I got my first real 6-string, got it at the 5 and dime, played it till my fingers bled, It was the _____ __ __Bryan Adams
____ ___ ____! Love isn't always on time! _____ ___ ____!toto
__ ___ _____ __ __ _____! i go walking in my sleep, i walk down to the river, where the river so deep!billy joel

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