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Forced Order
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LyricsSongAlbum and Year
'Kiss an ugly turtle make it cry...'Harakiri, 2012
'I believe that they are free, washed by the sun.'Harakiri, 2012
'Don't you see the bodies burning? Desolate and full of yearning?...'Elect the Dead, 2007
'Rubbing, Touching, Feeling on your shoulders...'Elect the Dead, 2007
'Please follow me to the borders of destiny...'Imperfect Harmonies, 2010
'But you, you put your eyes on mine...'Imperfect Harmonies, 2010
'Children outcry, Grandfather sky...'Harakiri, 2012
LyricsSongAlbum and Year
'We don't need your hipocracy, execute them kindly for me!'Elect the Dead, 2007
'So go find your path, take me with you.'Imperfect Harmonies, 2010
'Speak to millions, but listen to no one...'Harakiri, 2012
'Nlelith is the prophet, from the prophet came the king...'Elect the Dead, 2007
'Arms are raised, above, the sky...'Elect the Dead, 2007
'We follow the ever falling grains...'Imperfect Harmonies, 2010
'Nightlights are for children, mornings for adults, non-Egelitarian equinox.'Harakiri, 2012
LyricsSongAlbum and Year
'Poets gone wild on all the muse Prophets desroying the Tao.'Elect the Dead, 2007
'Stitch it on, the weapons drawn, and children play as thier fathers fell...'Harakiri, 2012
'I want you to die for your terror.'Imperfect Harmonies, 2010
'Unconventional deconstructive conversations.'Imprefect Harmonies, 2010
'Control political behavior with political extremism.'Harakiri, 2012
'When you take each step, I love you baby more and more...'Elect the Dead, 2007

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