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Can you name the words in this capital cities themed Word Ladder?

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★Capital of Qatar★
Video Game (Defense of the Ancients)
To be extremely fond over something
The day or month of the year
Female equivalent of 'Sir'
American coin worth 10 cents
Eurovision winner ____ Bilan
★Capital of Peru★
Green, citric fruit
★Capital of Togo★
★Capital of Italy★
A part in a play or activity
A blind, burrowing mammal
★Capital of Maldives★
A type of valley
Artist Salvador ____
★Capital of East Timor★
A herb
A printed statement of money owed
A round object used in sport
Temporary release of a person awaiting trial
Used at the end of a fishing hook
Slang term for someone from the UK
Small loose particles of sand
A network of lines
Describes a place that receives little or no rain
A long solo for an opera singer
★Capital of Samoa★

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