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Can you name the science fiction movies from the future they predict?

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In the early 90's, books are outlawed by a government fearing an independent thinking public.1966
In 1997, Manhattan has become a walled-off prison, from which the President must be rescued.1981
In 2000, a bloodthirsty nation watches a cross-country road race where pedestrians are run down for points.1975
In 2010, the South African government tries to relocate alien refugees who arrived in a damaged spaceship.2009
In the near future, a lawless Detroit is run by Omni Consumer Products, who want to use robotic law enforcement to restore order.1987
In the near future, the world consists of bureaucracy and poorly maintained machines. A man becomes a fugitive when he tries to correct a clerical error.1985
In the near future, law and order have broken down, as violent gangs rule the highways and steal gasoline.1979
In 2015, a future with hoverboards and Jaws XIX is ruined when a man takes sports almanac back in time.1989
Seven years from now, the government uses high tech surveillance and undercover cops to fight drug users.2006
In 2019, artificial humans used for labor off-world are forbidden from coming to Earth1982
In 2022, Earth is overpopulated and natural food is almost impossible to find.1973
In 2027, global infertility leaves humanity with less than a century to survive.2006
In 2029, an artificial intelligence network called Skynet is trying to exterminate the few remaining survivors of the human race.1984
In 2032, Los Angeles is crime free, until a cryogenically frozen criminal runs amok.1993
In 2035, an epidemic has wiped out five billion and survivors are forced to live underground.1995
In 2054, murder has been eliminated, as police use psychics to predict and stop crimes before they happen.2002
In the 22nd century, America is a police state and political radicals revive a frozen health food store owner to help them.1973
In 2274, humanity lives in domed cities, and to control population, no one is permitted to live past thirty.1976
In 500 years, the stupid people have outbred the smart people, leaving a very dumbed-down society.2006
In 2688, the world is in an age of peace and enlightenment due to the music of Wyld Stallyns1989
In the year 3000, aliens have enslaved humanity and are forcing them to mine gold in radioactive areas.2000
Inhabitants of a great city are divided into planners and managers living in skyscrapers, and workers who toil in the underground machines.1927
After losing a war against their robots, mankind is forced to live in a simulated reality.1999
The polar ice caps have melted, and humanity survives on boats and atolls.1995

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