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Forced Order
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DescriptionSong TitleArtist
Singer rides in a car with three copies of herself, sings about things that are mostly unfortunate coincidences
Singer sings in front of backing band of similar looking emotionless women
Singer rides in the backseat as the viewer-driver pursues a man down a deserted road
Band plays in front of high schoolers and cheerleaders in a poorly lit gymnasium
Parody of old cop shows, complete with big sunglasses and moustaches
Artist (in a big hat) and his furniture slide around the room
Christopher Walken dances around a hotel lobby
9-minute epic including a guitar solo in front of a church in the middle of the desert
Singer flails around in front of a bluescreen. You may ask yourself, 'What's with the bowtie?'
Girl in a diner enters comic book world
Band plays for Happy Days gang
In an homage to 'A Trip to the Moon,' a couple travels under sea and into space
Lead singer defends his girlfriend (the drummer in drag) with his giant hand
In one of the earliest music videos, the singer looks bored holding cue cards with song lyrics
Mummies, robots and skeletons dance in front of disco lights
Close up of singer's face, interacting with stop-motion animated trains, bumper cars, fruit, etc.
Clips from 'Johnny Got His Gun', about a man who is left armless, legless, and unable to speak
Lego animation of band playing
A series of religious images, ranging from Saint Sebastian to Hindu deities. (Oh no, I've said too much!)
Singer turns into a zombie, and leads other zombies in a choreographed dance

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