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Updated Feb 22, 2012

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'Lesser' TitleOriginal TitleYear
Cubic Zirconia Are for a Pretty Long Time1971
The Loose Association of Regular Dudes2003
Six Fiancées for Six Friends1954
Militia of Insufficient Lighting1993
The Dim Squire2008
Hundred Peso Fetus2004
Three Engagements and an Illness1994
A Boy for Autumn1966
The Second Best Show in the Hemisphere1952
The Pretty Good Six1960
Decaf and Nicotine Gum2003*
Assignment: Difficult1996
'Lesser' TitleOriginal TitleYear
Unfriendly Cul-de-sacs1973
Vague and Imminent Risk1994
The Month of Living Unsafely1982
The Nine Suggestions1956
Infatuation and Injury1975
The Okay, the Not So Nice, and the Homely1966
9 Things I Don't Like About You1999
Most of the Secretary of State's People1976
The Untidy Ten1967
A Handful of Nickels1964
Disgruntled Cow1980

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