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Can you name the comedies from their foreign titles?

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Foreign TitleOriginal TitleYear
American College (France)1978
My Friend the Devil (Venezuela)1967
Fasten Your Seat Belts (Brazil)1980
Your First Time (Mexico)1999
Knucklehead and Silly (Serbia)1994
What is a Troll? (Hungary)2003
Weekend Madness! (Argentina)1989
Walk to Gallop (Hungary)1975
The Rich and the Poor (Portugal)1983
You Have No Idea (Slovenia)1995
King of the Racers (Germany)2006
The Supernatural Super Spectacle (Netherlands)1984
Foreign TitleOriginal TitleYear
When He Met Her - Or the Friendship and Sex (Norway)1989
Ghosts Have Fun (Portugal)1988
The Last Night of Boris Gruschenko (Germany)1975
Balls In Play (Chile)2004
Bachelor Party in Vegas (Russia)2009
The Pirate and the Princess1987
Accident Course (Turkey)2007
Look For the Woman! (Hungary)1998
Golf Course Scare (Denmark)1996
Red Telephone? We Flew Towards Moscow (Spain)1964
Where Are the Police? (Chile)1988
Four Ugly Fish (Sweden)1933

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