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Can you name the 2010 NASCAR Schedule for Every Series?

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Date: SeriesRaceTrack Type
February 6: CUP**2.500 Mile Superspeedway
February 11: CUP**2.500 Mile Superspeedway
February 13: NNS2.500 Mile Superspeedway
February 13: CWTS2.500 Mile Superspeedway
February 14: CUP2.500 Mile Superspeedway
February 20: NNS2.000 Mile Speedway
February 21: CUP2.000 Mile Speedway
February 27: NNS1.500 Mile Speedway
February 28: CUP1.500 Mile Speedway
March 5: NWSMT0.250 Mile Short Track
March 6: CWTS1.540 Mile Speedway
March 7: CUP1.540 Mile Speedway
March 14: NWSMT0.455 Mile Short Track
March 20: NNS0.533 Mile Short Track
March 21: CUP0.533 Mile Short Track
March 27: CWTS0.526 Mile Short Track
March 27: KNPSE0.500 Mile Short Track
March 27: KNPSW0.333 Mile Short Track
March 29: CUP0.526 Mile Short Track
April 2: CWTS1.333 Mile Speedway
April 3: NNS1.333 Mile Speedway
April 3: NWSMT0.400 Mile Short Track
April 3: KNPSE0.400 Mile Short Track
April 8: KNPSW1.000 Mile Speedway
April 9: NNS1.000 Mile Speedway
April 10: CUP1.000 Mile Speedway
April 11: NWMT0.625 Mile Speedway
April 19: NNS1.500 Mile Speedway
April 19: CUP1.500 Mile Speedway
April 25: NNS2.660 Mile Superspeedway
April 25: CUP2.660 Mile Superspeedway
April 30: NNS0.750 Mile Short Track
May 1: CUP0.750 Mile Short Track
May 1: NWMT0.500 Mile Short Track
May 2: CWTS1.500 Mile Speedway
May 7: NNS1.366 Mile Speedway
May 8: CUP1.366 Mile Speedway
May 14: CWTS1.000 Mile Speedway
May 15: NNS1.000 Mile Speedway
May 16: CUP1.000 Mile Speedway
May 21: CWTS1.500 Mile Speedway
May 22: CUP**1.500 Mile Speedway
May 23: KNPSE & KNSPW0.875 Mile Short Track
May 28: NWMT0.500 Mile Short Track
May 29: NNS1.500 Mile Speedway
May 30: CUP1.500 Mile Speedway
June 4: CWTS1.500 Mile Speedway
June 5: NNS1.333 Mile Speedway
June 5: KNPSW0.375 Mile Short Track
June 5: NCATS0.500 Mile Short Track
June 6: NWMT0.526 Mile Short Track
June 6: KNPSE0.526 Mile Short Track
Date: SeriesRaceTrack Type
June 6: CUP2.500 Mile Speedway
June 12: CWTS2.000 Mile Speedway
June 12: NNS1.500 Mile Speedway
June 13: NCATS2.459 Mile Road Course
June 13: CUP2.000 Mile Speedway
June 19: NNS4.048 Mile Road Course
June 19: KNPSW1.990 Mile Road Course
June 20: CUP1.990 Mile Road Course
June 25: KNPSE1.058 Mile Speedway
June 26: NWMT1.058 Mile Speedway
June 26: NNS1.058 Mile Speedway
June 27: CUP1.058 Mile Speedway
July 2: NWSMT0.455 Mile Short Track
July 2: NNS2.500 Mile Superspeedway
July 3: NCATS0.400 Mile Short Track
July 3: NWMT1.530 Mile Road Course
July 3: KNPSE1.530 Mile Road Course
July 3: CUP2.500 Mile Superspeedway
July 3: KNPSW0.500 Mile Short Track
July 9: NNS1.500 Mile Speedway
July 10: CUP1.500 Mile Speedway
July 11: CWTS0.875 Mile Short Track
July 16: CWTS1.250 Mile Speedway
July 17: NCATS1.755 Mile Road Course
July 17: NNS1.250 Mile Speedway
July 17: NWMT0.250 Mile Short Track
July 18: KNPSW1.980 Mile Road Course
July 23: CWTS0.686 Mile Short Track
July 24: NNS0.686 Mile Short Track
July 25: NCATS1.973 Mile Road Course
July 25: CUP2.500 Mile Speedway
July 30: KNPSE0.375 Mile Short Track
July 31: CWTS2.500 Mile Speedway
July 31: NCATS0.500 Mile Short Track
July 31: NWMT0.250 Mile Speedway
July 31: NNS0.875 Mile Short Track
August 1: CUP2.500 Mile Speedway
August 4: NCATS0.333 Mile Short Track
August 6: NWMT0.500 Mile Short Track
August 7: NNS2.450 Mile Road Course
August 7: KNPSW0.375 Mile Short Track
August 7: NWSMT0.250 Mile Short Track
August 7: CWTS1.333 Mile Speedway
August 8: CUP2.450 Mile Road Course
August 12: NWMT0.625 Mile Short Track
August 14: NNS2.000 Mile Speedway
August 14: KNPSW0.375 Mile Short Track
August 14: CWTS1.366 Mile Speedway
August 15: NCATS1.530 Mile Road Course
August 15: CUP2.000 Mile Speedway
August 18: NWMT & NWSMT0.533 Mile Short Track
August 18: CWTS0.533 Mile Short Track
Date: SeriesRaceTrack Type
August 20: NNS0.533 Mile Short Track
August 21: NCATS0.500 Mile Short Track
August 21: CUP0.533 Mile Short Track
August 27: CWTS1.500 Mile Speedway
August 28: KNPSE0.500 Mile Short Track
August 28: NWSMT0.455 Mile Short Track
August 29: NCATS2.709 Mile Road Course
August 29: NNS2.709 Mile Road Course
September 3: CWTS1.500 Mile Speedway
September 4: NWSMT0.400 Mile Speedway
September 4: NNS1.540 Mile Speedway
September 5: CUP1.540 Mile Speedway
September 10: NNS0.750 Mile Short Track
September 11: NCATS0.333 Mile Short Track
September 11: CUP0.750 Mile Short Track
September 12: KNPSW3.060 Mile Road Course
September 17: KNPSE1.058 Mile Speedway
September 18: NWMT1.058 Mile Speedway
September 18: CWTS1.058 Mile Speedway
September 18: NCATS0.333 Mile Short Track
September 19: CUP1.058 Mile Speedway
September 24: KNPSE1.000 Mile Speedway
September 25: NCATS0.375 Mile Short Track
September 25: NNS1.000 Mile Speedway
September 25: NWSMT0.400 Mile Short Track
September 25: CWTS1.500 Mile Speedway
September 26: CUP1.000 Mile Speedway
October 2: NNS1.500 Mile Speedway
October 3: CUP1.500 Mile Speedway
October 3: NWMT0.500 Mile Short Track
October 9: NNS2.000 Mile Speedway
October 10: CUP2.000 Mile Speedway
October 14: NWSMT0.250 Mile Short Track
October 15: NNS1.500 Mile Speedway
October 16: KNPSW0.333 Mile Short Track
October 16: CUP1.500 Mile Speedway
October 17: NWMT0.625 Mile Short Track
October 23: CWTS0.526 Mile Short Track
October 23: NNS1.250 Mile Speedway
October 24: CUP0.526 Mile Short Track
October 30: CWTS2.660 Mile Superspeedway
October 31: CUP2.660 Mile Superspeedway
November 5: CWTS1.500 Mile Speedway
November 6: NNS1.500 Mile Speedway
November 7: CUP1.500 Mile Speedway
November 11: KNPSW1.000 Mile Speedway
November 12: CWTS1.000 Mile Speedway
November 13: NNS1.000 Mile Speedway
November 14: CUP1.000 Mile Speedway
November 19: CWTS1.500 Mile Speedway
November 20: NNS1.500 Mile Speedway
November 21: CUP1.500 Mile Speedway

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