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Where does Jack Walsh have to bring Jonathan Mardukas by Friday midnight?
What is Jonathan Mardukas' nickname?
How much money did the bail bondsman agree to pay Jack to return John Mardukas by midnight Friday?
What is the name of the bail bondsman?
What is the name of the mobster that Jonathan Mardukas stole money from?
How much money did Jonathan steal?
What is Jonathan Mardukas' profession?
What does Jack tell Jonathan he is going to suffer from after Jonathan lists all of his supposed phobias?
What does Jonathan Mardukas order at the diner in Amarillo that cost 53 cents?
What dish does Jonathan want to order at the diner, but they don't have enough money?
What is the name of the Chinese Restaurant where and Jack and the bail bondsman have breakfast/early lunch?
In what city does Jack find Jonathan Mardukas?
Who lied first?
What is Jack Walsh's middle name?
What is Jack going to do with the money he will receive for returning Jonathan?
Name one of the two henchmen sent by the mobster to get Jonathan back.
With which city's police department was Jack unpopular?
What is the mobster's lawyer's name?
What does the mobster say he will bury in his lawyer's head?
What drink does the mobster tell his lawyer to drink to relax?
What is the name of the main FBI agent?
What nickname does Jack refer to the FBI agent as because of his sunglasses?
What is the other bounty hunter's name?
What food does Jerry always say he's going out to get?
What does one of the henchmen call himself when he tries on the helicopter pilot's cowboy hat?
When Jonathan asks the owner of Red's Corner Bar why they call him Red, how does he respond? (Quote)
How does Jonathan say hello to the Native Americans in the pickup truck?
What does Jack claim to have in order to entice the mobster to the airport?
What is the name of the airport in Las Vegas?
What broken item does Jack give Jonathan at the end of the movie?
Jonathan gives Jack 'in the neighborhood of' what amount of money at the end of the movie?
What is the last line of the movie?

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