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Forced Order
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LyricsSong NameAlbum
Do you break for distilled spirits, I need a break as well
Waiting for a sign to smash the silence with the brick of self control
Are we demented, or am I disturbed?
Spontaneous combustion on the corners of my mind
One light, one mind, flashing in the dark
Losers winning big on the lottery
Want to annihilate this age old contradiction
There's nothing left for you to say, soon you'll be dead anywyay
Mom and Dad don't look so hot these days
LyricsSong NameAlbum
Where will all the martyrs go when the virus cures itself?
I cannot speak, I lost my voice
The last one born and the first one to run
Then I realized what it took to tell the difference between thieves and crooks
Sugar, spice, and everything nice wasn't made for only girls
I've heard it all before so don't knock down my door
A gag, a plastic bag on a monument
My mind is set on overdrive, the clock is laughing in my face
I threw my crutches in the river of a shadow of doubt

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