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1. A divine revelation given audibly
2. An Arabian trumpet
3. A former Yemeni monetary unit
4. A veiled garment worn by Muslim women
5. The number five, as signified in dice or cards
6. A plant of the genus Potentilla, or an ornamental design thereof
7. A trimming of cock feathers on a woman's hat
8. An Islamic jurisprudent
9. A Muslim ascetic
10. Muslim jurisprudence
11. A revolution in India or Pakistan
12. A style of South African music
13. The Tanakh, or Hebrew text of the Bible
14. A Bangladeshi headman
15. An Arabic script used in Persian writings
16. A sweet wine from _______ (answer)
17. A dish consisting of pieces of seasoned meat
18. A form of Jewish mysticism
19. A member of the _________ (answer 20)
20. In Islam, adherents of the doctrine of free will
21. In Judaism, a prayer of mourning
22. A Muslim judge
23. In Islam, a Sufi order
24. Twenty-first letter of the Arabic alphabet
25. A Muslim tribal chief
26. A minor official of the Ottoman Empire
27. A Persian writing-case
28. A member of an order of mendicant dervishes
29. A type of water supply tunnel found in north Africa and the Middle East
30. A type of harp
31. An Arabian poem of praise or satire
32. A kind of Arabian shrub used as a narcotic
33. A person who practices _______ (answer 34) music
34. Devotional music of the Sufis
35. Variant of ____ (answer 22)
36. An Azerbaijani unit of currency
37. A marginal reading in the Hebrew Bible
38. An obsolete spelling of what
39. An obsolete spelling of which
40. An obsolete spelling of whom
41. An obsolete spelling of Whitsuntide
42. In Chinese culture, a physical life force
43. A type of nylon
44. The point to which Muslims turn in prayer
45. A local Libyan name for the sirocco, a southeasterly Mediterranean wind
46. A Chinese system of medical exercises
47. A classification of Chinese musical instruments
48. Variant of ______ (answer 50)
49. A Hebrew elegy
50. An Albanian unit of currency, equal to one one-hundredth of a lek
51. A drug, artemisinin, used to treat malaria
52. A traditional Chinese dress
53. A monetary unit of Saudi Arabia and, formerly, various other countries
54. Adjective used to describe the feeling of an event or mood
55. The wool of the musk-ox
56. An analogy in Sharia, Islamic law
57. The nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
58. The nineteenth letter of the ancient Greek alphabet
59. A type of curry
60. Variant of ____ (answer 37)
61. A standard English keyboard layout
62. An obsolete spelling of rank
63. A small Arabian boat
64. A unit of weight originally used in Mesopotamia. The currency of Israel, divided into 100 agorot
65. An Arab marketplace
66. A form of Islamic divorce
67. Variant of ________ (answer 15)
68. An Indian estate
69. A person who collects the revenues of a _____ (answer 68)
70. An Indian landholding tenure
71. In Islam, the dissimulation of faith displayed for fear of one's life
72. Acceptance of Muslim orthodoxy
73. A Sufi method of spiritual development, or a Sufi missionary
74. A form of sedative
75. In Judaism, a term bestowed upon the righteous
76. An open inuit boat
77. A charitable trust in Islamic law
78. A Fijian intoxicating beverage, kava
79. An Arab country that achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1971
80. A native or inhabitant of _____ (answer 79)

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