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Can you name the American Idol contestants based on the following clues?

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This contestant sang these words: 'You have suffered enough and warred with yourself, it's time that you won.' Eventually, it WAS time for him/her to win
This contestant with multi-colored hair worked as a nurse before Idol. S/he was roommates with a foreign contestant during the show
Auditioned with 'Always and Forever'
Had a pickle as a good luck charm
This contestant had a Wild ride on Idol, with two close calls. But his/her journey was certainly exciting before s/he was eliminated from the top 5
If you love this contestant, you are not 'Alone.' So do millions of Americans, countless award associations and academies and all sorts of Billboard charts
His/her fans were part of the 'Fedoration'
Had only sung in public about 5 times before auditioning. Guess it was all part of a 'Daydream'
Sing Like 'You Mean' It. S/he did just that during his/her top 6 song, which brought Paula to tears. After the song, Simon said, 'parts of that were like a vocal masterclass'
Was eliminated but then returned to the competition as a top 12 finalist under circumstances that were never really explained
This cheerful 'Arizona born and raised' contestant played the piano barefoot
This contestant didn't win, but by now, s/he's 'Over It'
Finished seventh in his/her season before dating a later Idol winner
Many believe that when s/he sings, it sounds like 'Angels.' 'Imagine' that..
This contestant's first-week album sales were the lowest for a debut album from any winner or runner-up ever on Idol
This old Soul was on Broadway and wrote a memoir after his/her Idol season
For someone who sang 'I (Who Have Nothing),' this contestant has done pretty well since winning the AI title. S/he has had several hit singles and sang at the Super Bowl
This popular contestant received an offer to become the new lead singer of a well-established band after performing one of the band's songs in the top 20
This 'Superstar' has begun to 'Tear the World Down' with his/her amazing vocals
'And I find it kinda funny, and I find it kinda sad' that this contestant's 2nd single was written by Alecia Beth Moore, a 'very, very' colorful person
Finished seventh but went on to find great success in many different areas of the entertainment industry
Brought down the house with his/her group week performance of 'How Deep Is Your Love.' Played an instrument of sorts before instruments were allowed on the show
S/he saved all his/her love for us, but this drama-hungry contestant sang this Whitney classic one too many times
Simon said 'You did it. You just did it' after s/he sang his/her heart out in Hollywood even though s/he could barely speak
Though this young and exciting contestant was anything but a 'Cry Baby,' s/he sang 'I Can't Make You Love Me,' but s/he didn't need to; America already did
Since Idol, this contestant has released several albums and won a Grammy. S/he was also on Broadway, in a movie and released a New York Times best-seller memoir
His/her 11 songs that debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 was the most by one artist in one week since the Beatles debuted 14 during the week of April 11, 1964
When this contestant fell short of being a finalist, America should have said: 'It's such a shame for us to part' because this contestant was really talented
One of this contestant's performances, known as 'the scream,' was, as Simon put it, 'like watching a horror movie'
This contestant knows his/her 'Stuff.' Since his/her 'Moment,' s/he has released 4 albums and is currently working on number 5
'It's All Wrong' that this soulful and 'Dream'-y contestant left the show so early on after delivering such an 'Inspirational' performance...

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