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Social group whose members are related by ancestry, marriage, or adoption and who live together, cooperate economically, and care for the young.
Reputation and influence an individual has after their death.
Requirement that marriage occurs outside the group.
Social and Cultural patterns of a postindustrial society.
The recognition that the relationship with a spouse is deteriorating and marriage is coming to an end.
Requirement that marriage occurs within the group.
A socially approved sexual union between 2 individuals which is undertaken with some idea of permanence.
Family arrangement in which the spouses and their children constitute the core relationship.
Arrangement in which kin provide the core relationship.
A nuclear family that consists of oneself and one's father, mother, and siblings.
A nuclear family consisting of oneself and one's spouse and children.
Unequal involvement of working mothers and wives in household work. (After full time job, woman comes home to second shift housework)
The process of regaining an individual identity and autonomy after a legal divorce.
Unmarried adults who share living quarters with an unrelated adult of the opposite sex.
Failure to provide adequate food, health care, or shelter.
Causes of child maltreatment. (High risk factors)
Strong, physical, and emotional attraction.

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