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QuoteMissing WordsEpisode
What kind of _________ ___ is this? (Phill Jupitus)Seires A Episode 12: Advent
Would sir like to wear a cravat on the __-_______ _____? (Bill Bailey)Series B Episode 1: Blue
(Jeremy Clarkson is talking about eating puffin because he has never had it before) Have you tried one of my __? (Sean Lock)Series C Episode 7: Constellations
Stephen doesn't have beer goggles, he has ___ ____-_ (Phill Jupitus)Series D Episode 6: Drinking
(Stephen is talking about Cameroonian tribes with names like Eton, Bum, Bang, Banana, Mang, Fang, Tang, Wum, Wam, War and Pongo) Who discovered this tribe, ___ _____? (Sean Lock)Series E Episode 10: England
He was a French writer trying to make a point, and therefore a __ (Stephen Fry)Series F Episode 6: Fakes, Frauds and Fakirs
(Stephen is talking about playing hockey in a quadrangle at school) Well, in my school, we used to set __ _ ____. In an octangle (Lee Mack)Series G Episode 5: Groovy
Zees new uniforms are ___! (Bill Bailey)Series G Episode 5: Groovy
QuoteMissing WordsEpisode
(Stephen is talking about heightism, and how short people are discrimintaed against.) They should __ _ (Alan Davies)Series G Episode 10: Great
I dare say that the drivers in New Zealand, as they see the sun setting, are reassured to know that it's __ ______ (Phill Jupitus)Series H Episode 15: Hypnosis, Hallucinations and Hysteria
(Stephen is talking about pilots lunches and goes 'Why do I say LunchES) Because there's __ __ _____ (Bill Bailey)Series I Episode 2: International
What are your weaknesses? ___ and masturbating (Phill Jupitus)Seires I Episode 13: Intelligence
(Stephen has just said that zebras are white with black stripes) Well, you would say that, wouldn't you __ _____? (Reginald D. Hunter)Series J Episode 10: Jungles
The great thing about Sainsbury, it keeps the scum out of ______ (Stephen Fry)Series J Episode 14: Jingle Bells
(Stephen Fry is talking about operations. Bill Bailey interupts him talking about drugs by saying 'hallucinogenics') Woo Wahoo, I'm being taken for a ride by a __ ____Series K Episode 5: Kings

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