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Can you name the famous songs from the 2000s when given a lyric and the year of release?

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Forced Order
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Lyric (Year of Release)SongArtist
'Underneath the starlight, starlight, theres a magical feeling so right' (2000)
'Above all the others we'll fly, this brings tears to my eyes' (2001)
'If you smile then that should set the tone, just be limber' (2002)
'I know you think that I shouldn't still love you or tell you that' (2003)
'I was stitched up by the hands of fate, Said how you gonna make it on your own' (2004)
'Oh **** mayne, the store owners watching you, for something get stolen stolen stolen' (2005)
'But it wasn't because I didn't know enough, I just knew too much' (2006)
'A center of attention, even when we're up against the wall' (2007)
'Stacks on deck, Patrone on ice, and we can pop bottles all night' (2008)
'I was so wrong, for so long, only tryin' to please myself' (2009)
Lyric (Year of Release)SongArtist
'A lonely queen, withouth her king, I longed for you, my love forever' (2000)
'I don't think you trust in my self-righteous suicide' (2001)
'He was down for his brother, respectful to his mother, a good boy' (2002)
'I know you want it, the thing that makes me, what the guys go crazy for' (2003)
'I'm walking down the line, that divides me somewhere in my mind' (2004)
'They play Sleepy Jackson on the radio, and that's the way I like it' (2005)
'Next to the playstation controller, is a new clip and my pistola' (2006)
'Redhead senorita looking dead came and said need a bed En Espanol' (2007)
'It's you that ought to be holding me, I'm not containable' (2008)
'Just let it be, come on and bring your body next to me' (2009)

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