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Forced Order
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Auror who arrived with Fudge at the Department of Mysteries and was sent, along with Dawlish, to check if Dumbledore's claims were true
Auror knocked out by Antonin Dolohov
Auror confunded by the Order of the Phoenix to give a fake departure date for Harry Potter to the Death Eaters
Auror hexed by Dumbledore when he attempted to tail him
Head of Auror Office who was murdered by Voldemort's followers, leading to the collapse of the Ministry
Auror overpowered by Barty Crouch Jr. and locked in a trunk
Auror who was sent to St. Mungos after being defeated by Bellatrix Lestrange
Auror who hit the ground in pain after being overpowered by Bellatrix Lestrange in the Department of Mysteries
Auror who let Dirk Cresswell escape, allowing him to escape the terror of Azkaban
Auror who was moved to St. Mungos after tangling with Augusta Longbottom

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