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Can you name the bible characters who's lives have been reversed?

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While on a trip, lost a ram and then tried to heal his son.
Put out a big alter fire by drying up a bunch of water that was thrown on it. Resolved argument with King Ahab.
Got out of prison, saw a light, started saving Christians.
Got out of hell and participated in peace talks with God. Shortly after, was offered command of angels.
Life got continuously better.
Died. Came back to life after 3 days.
After visiting some teenage girl's baby, went back home and sold some valuable stuff.
Lost job as a military commander and went to prison. Got out and later met up with older brothers.
Took the family and pets on a nice long cruise and then destroyed the yacht.
Was, is, and will still be.
Stopped being king to offer medical services to lions and large men.
Hid large stones and then walked around for awhile. After a crazy water phenomenon, takes the people with him to a city to become slaves.
Built a temple, then let himself go for awhile until his wife showed him an ancient form of Rogaine.
Saved Jesus from Roman soldiers and then made a large monetary donation to the Roman empire.
After many large speaking engagements, two brothers decide life is too crazy and change their careers to fishing.
Irritates a pack of large cats and then is rescued by military guards.
Gets progressively dumber and divorces 700 different women.
Saved mankind and then died.
Found a giant salt statue that magically transformed into a women. After the miracle, took her home but later got divorced.
Got progressively more crazy as he repelled groups of people by dunking them in water.

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