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core vaccines go into what limb
decreased reactions longer immunity and a good immune response are advatages of what vaccine
like veins in that they have valves to prevent the backflow of lymph fluid
mass of lymphatic tissue located in the cranial abdomen that protects lymphocytes and monocytes
name 5 optional canine vaccines
name two types of vaccines
trouble breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite
strenght or concentration of a substance in a solution
does the BCVMA recognize titer tests as a reliable way of testing immunity
name 3 optional feline vaccines
how long is the first rabies vaccine good for
name the two routes in which vaccines can be given
how long until a vaccine provides full protection
give two examples why a pet may still get sick after a vaccination
what is the ideal age for pets to receive there first vaccine
bacteria/virus in the vaccines are rendered non infectious by heat, chemical or irradiation and therefore is completely incapable of causing the disease
may be used on preganant animals, has no mutation, low potential for contamination and a longer shelf life are advatanges of what vaccine
reactions may be higher, always requires at least one booster, provided shorter duration of immunity are disadvantages of what vaccine
infectious component of the disease is reduced by passing it through cell cultures several times
short shelf life, easily inactivated are disadvantages of what vaccine
puppies and kittens are most susceptible to disease at the age of what
what limb does the rabies vaccine go in
vets must confirm what in their charts after giving vaccines
MLV respiratory vaccines are more effective by what route
sarcomas can happen from what vaccines
if not vaccinated before pregnancy when is the best time to give KV vaccines
offspring receive antibodies from what
what can happen from a pregnant animal being vaccinated name 4
titer tests do not distinguish between the immunity created by
what test is virus specific
what vaccine is needed when taking animal to the us
general dose for a vaccine
administration of antigen to stimulate a protective immune response against a specific infectious agent
substance that the body regards as foreign
disease fighting protein produced by the body in response to the presence of a specific antigen
what is it called when maternal antibodies are too low to provide protection but too high to allow a vaccine to work
functions to protect the body from harmful substances
name three ways the body protects itself
the immune system is activated when
chemicals that cause the body temperature to increase producing a fever
4 types of immunity
resistance to a certain disease from the mother passing protection to the offspring
resistance to a disease because of a development of antibodies during the time of the disease
resistance to a disease from receiving anti serum with antibodies from something else
resistance to a disease because of a vaccine
small structures that filter lymph fluid and store B and T lymphocytes
clear, colorless tissue fluid that leaves the capillaries and flows betwen the cells of a tissue or organ
masses of lymphatic tissue that protect the nose and upper throat
a glad that has an immunlogoc function is predominatly found in young dogs
a type of white blood cell that attack specific antigens
excessively strong immune systems can result in
weak immunse systems can result in failure to
substances that help protect the body
prostaglandins help control
interstitial fluid
lymph always travels in what way to the thoracic cavity

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