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Which feline disease makes up 40% of respiratory infections
calicivirus is often present with
Which feline disease attacks the oral mucosa
how is calicivirus transmitted
which feline disease has oral lesions
what disease causes conjunctivitis
Running nose, sneezing, WATERY EYES, anorexia and fever are symptoms of what feline disease
what is the most common age for FIV
which feline disease causes immune supression
3 stages of FIV
20 -25% of cats are also FeLV and FIV positive
FIP is transmitted by
two syndromes of FIP
FIP is treated how
Name the disease, retrovirus that may produce elevated numbers of abnormal leukocytes, immune suppression, cancer and illness
which disease requires direct contact (like a cat fight ) to be transmitted
what is known as chronic wasting ( sick cat syndrome)
how is the prognosis for feline leukemia
name three diseases that cats should not go outside is they have
feline panleukopenia (parvo in cats) aka
40 -45% of feline respiratory disease
what is also known as the herpes virus in cats
Bordetella aka
3 causes of Bordetella
inflammation of the larynx, trachea, and bronchi are symptoms of what
is bordetella highly contagious?
dry, harsh cough is a symptom of what
what is the name of the disease that is a fatal infection of ALL warmblooded animals that causes neurological signs
what is transmitted through bite wounds
name the two types of rabies
does rabies have a treatment
what is the bacterial disease that is common through the urine of other animals
flulike symptoms and swelling of the kidneys are symptoms of what
name 2 zoonotic disease
name 4 breeds that are high risk for parvo
causes myocarditis from tick bites
what has the symptom of watery diarrhea
provides a mild respiratory tract infection
what resembles the human cold in dogs
what is the highly contagious adeno virus 1 infection that is associated with blue eyes
hepatitis starts where
where does hepatitis spread
what is like human measles
associated with respiratory, digestive, muscular, and neurologic signs
hyperkeratosis is a symptom of what
name 5 highly contagious dog diseases

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