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Can you name the trivia from The Simpsons episode 'Dancin' Homer'?

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Where is Homer when he agrees to tell his story about 'how he became a loser?'
What size 'tub' of beer is Homer looking forward to?
How did Homer embarass Marge at the last company baseball outing?
How does Mr. Burns reference Maggie while greeting the Simpsons at the gate?
What is the name of Springfield's minor league team?
Who is Springfield playing against that night
Who refuses to sign Bart's baseball until Marge steps in?
Who sings the National Anthem before the game?
How long does the National Anthem last?
Who takes the seat next to Homer, much to his dismay?
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'The pitcher's off his rocker, kissing ____ ____'
'Little baby batter, can't control his ____'
What classic stadium cheer do Homer and Burns execute?
To what song does Dancin' Homer dance?
What color is Dancin' Homer's cape?
Homer's farewell speech is modeled after whose 'Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth' speech?
What is the name of Capital City's baseball team?
Who is their mascot?
With whom do Marge and the kids sit during Homer's debut?
What is the vendor selling that breaks Homer's concentration before his debut?

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