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Can you name the UK top gear presenters-who....?

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who...answers(first names!)
Maxed the Bugati Veyron
Had a well publicised crash
Lives at Chipping Norton
Drives a Fiat Panda
Went to Repton public school
Has a car called 'Oliver'
Was the last to join the show
Lives in London
who...answers(first names!)
Is unmarried
Is usually seen wearing a necklace
Plays the drums
Parked a jet fighter on his lawn
Usually ends the show
Plays the piano
Had his face re arranged by the Aeriel Atom
Also presents Blast Lab
who...answers(first names!)
Owned a FordGT40
Was a radio presenter
Flies a helicopter
Likes pies and real ale
Likes Prog Rock
Wears stripey jumpers and flowery shirts
Often gets his car crashed into by the other two presenters
Was called 'officer Barbie' in the police car challenge
who...answers(first names!)
Can ride a horse
Interviews the stars in the reasonably priced cars
Was locked in a toilet by members of the publlic
Also appears on 'Grumpy Old Men'
Has a lighthouse as a holiday home
Was born in Birmingham

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