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QUIZ: Can you name the Top Gear Easy Questions?!?

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What did Jeremy drive in the 1940s race?
Who was the last presenter to join the show?
Which two cars do the presenters realy seem to hate?
What was the name of the sacked Stig?
Which presenter gets ribbed for 'having his teeth whitened?'
Where is Top Gear filmed?
At which two cities does the British leg of Top Gear Live take place?
What is the title of the theme tune to Top Gear?
What is the name of the Top Gear producer?
Which hypercar did James max?
Which model of transport do Top Gear take delight in destroying?
What is James Mays nickname?
Who usually announces the contents of each show over the opening credits?
Which car 'rearranged' Jeremys face!?
What catchphrase does Jeremy use to close the show?
In which European city did james race two cyclists?
What make and model of car did james use for his amphibious vehicle attemepts?
What make and model is the current'reasonably priced car?
Which corner of theTop Gear track is named after an actor ?
What make of supercar did Jeremy purchase and then return to the manufacturer?

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