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Can you name the What Do You Know About James May From Top Gear?

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Captain Slow
What is James middle name?
When is James birthday?
In which English city was James born?
How many attempts did it take James to pass his driving test?
From which car magazine did James get sacked?
How fast did James go in the Bugatti Veyron?, the FIRST time he maxed it?
Which famous plane did James re -create with a life-size Airfix model?
Which famous drinks expert did James accompany for the BBC series on the subject?
What is the name of the series in which James teaches 'forgotten' skills to the male population?
What was the name of James cat?
Captain Slow
In what year did James FIRST join Top Gear?
In which country did James drive a Toyota Hilux up an active volcano?
In which fighter plane did James fly for his 20th Century Programme?
For what product has James recently been advertising?
What was the name of James first book?
For what items of clothing is James particularly known for?
What musical instruments does James play?
Which small car does James own?
What is the title of James lates series?
What was the title of the DVD James made in in 2010 with fellow presentern Richard Hammon?

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