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On the first stage of Way of the Warrior, what is swinging from side to side?
In the title sequence of Series 1, what does Raven use to communicate with his young warriors?
On Series 2 Episode 3, which young warrior managed to complete Way of the Warrior?
In Series 10 The Last Stand, which young warrior did Limonn have to battle against?
After the first obstacle on Way of the Warrior, what is dropped onto the warriors from the side of the course?
During the solar eclipse, how many holy warrior symbols were created?
What were these symbols made from?
What is the name of the challenge where blindfolded warriors have to use a fire stick to trace out a safe path between the lurking demons?
In Series 10 Episode 1, who won Treetop Treasure?
Which young warrior infamously used the lying face-down technique on the swinging spike cylinder during Way of the Warrior Series 2?
In Series 5 Episode 3, which young warrior represented the Mountain?

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