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Which players are the questions referring to? (Only player's surname required)

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HintWho am I?Club
I have worn the same shin pads for every game, for 22 years.Chelsea
I have a rocket of a left foot, although I'm yet to score in the league for 3 year?Fulham
If I'm on your team, you will be playing with 10 men.Cardiff
My brothers, father and mother are all professional footballers, although I'm probably the best.Chelsea
My actual first name is Charles, but I didn't really like it so got it changed.Manchester City
I was born in Uzbekistan, raised in Russia and play international football for Nigeria.Cardiff
I was born in the same tiny Argentinian village as my manager. Coincidence? Southampton
My father was a professional rugby player for Wales.Manchester United
My middle name is Thor, and my shots can be quite thunderous.Tottenham
I am the only Englishman to play in the Champions League Final, but not to be capped by the national team?Stoke
I have scored 33 goals in the league, more than Iniesta.Chelsea
I'm a bit of a ****, had my first child when I was 17.Liverpool
HintWho am I?Club
When I was younger, a TV documentary was made about me and my schoolEveton
I have 9 A*s at GCSE, although I don't play very intelligently.Manchester United
I was in a McDonalds advert when I was 13.Fulham
I was told that my family were being held hostage, possibly dead, in the recent Kenyan terrorist attacks just before my game vs Liverpool. Still played the match - and won.Southampton
I have a tatoo of my name on my arm, written in one of the languages from Lord of the Rings.Chelsea
My sister is a bodybuilder, so I doubt she's as fast as me.Arsenal
I'm a part-time student at Manchester Business School, where I am studying Business Administration.Manchester City
I have been a background singer in several German music videos.Arsenal
I am praised in society for 'taking out' a certain homosexual singer.Aston Villa
I have a grand total of 24 siblings.Manchester United

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