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Event Description Event
Debating current events
Two people performing a ten minute excerpt
A ten minute informative
A seven minute speech formulated during a thirty minute preparation period on national current events
A ten minute performance concerning something serious
A speech previously presented by another person
Debating a series of bills and resolutions
A ten minute humorous performance
Debating more philosophical issues
A seven minute speech formulated during a thirty minute preparation period concerning international affairs
Rehearsed trials
Event Description Event
Debating an issue concerning many different areas or topics philosophically, indirectly, and quickly
Ten minute story read from a binder
Humorous informative speech
Similar to extemporaneous but much less formulaic
Reading a story
Ten minute poem or program read from a binder
A short speech concerning very recent events and may include commercials
A college event where the performer informs the judge of something they are passionate about
A compilation of a series of works read from a binder
A college event involving a persuasion about something the speaker is passionate about

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