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Can you name the movies representing each of these actors or directors in the IMDB top 250?

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NOTE: For those with many movies, often just the first word of the movie is accepted. For those with fewer movies, the full title is required.
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PersonMovieNumber of Films
John Ratzenberger10
Alfred Hitchcock10
Stanley Kubrick9
Harrison Ford8
Robert De Niro8
James Stewart7
Morgan Freeman6
Alec Guinness6
Billy Wilder6
Wallace Shawn6
R. Lee Ermey6
Martin Scorsese6
Steve Buscemi6
Tom Hanks6
Quentin Tarantino6
Michael Caine6
Robert Duvall6
Akira Kurosawa5
Al Pacino5
Clint Eastwood (Acting)5
Clint Eastwood (Directing)5
PersonMovieNumber of Films
William Holden5
Steven Spielberg5
Max von Sydow5
Christopher Nolan5
Bruce Willis5
Brad Pitt5
James Earl Jones5
Charles Chaplin5
Claude Rains5
Elijah Wood5
Hugo Weaving5
Humphrey Bogart5
John Cazale5
John Rhys-Davies5
Marlon Brando4
Andy Serkis4
Francis Ford Coppola4
George C. Scott4
Ian Holm4
Jack Nicholson4
Joe Pesci4
PersonMovieNumber of Films
Kevin Spacey4
Sergio Leone4
Matt Damon4
Michael Madsen4
John Huston4
Orlando Bloom4
Paul Newman4
Frank Capra4
Samuel L. Jackson4
Diane Keaton4
David Prowse4
James Cameron4
Peter Lorre4
Bonnie Hunt4
Joseph Cotton4
Lee Unkrich4
Don Rickles4
Harvey Keitel4
Sigourney Weaver4
Hayao Miyazaki4

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