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QUIZ: Which character from Danganronpa: The Animation said these quotes?

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'It was me...the the protein drink...I did it. I killed Sakura Ogami in cold blood!'
'Cardinal rule of cosplay! Make sure you can still go to the can!'
'That door's staying locked, even if I know its you on the other side. Would sorta defeat the purpose of swaping rooms otherwise, right?'
'Despair only wins if we let it!'
'OK...not gonna's...I dunno really...' (last words)
'Honestly, it was a first. Normal people aren't like that. Normal people think I'm a freak!'
'How does it feel? To solve the puzzle, to unravel the mystery, and have only despair as your reward?'
'I don't know what it amouts to, but I think that by the time we got here, my father was long dead. We are down the rabbit hole...'
'That little pissant's treatin' it like a game! You're in danger too, y'know!'
'Now's the time. I can't hide anymore. For better or for worse I need to get stronger, and be the real me!'
'The best of the best, the creme de la creme, forced into a blood-soaked free-for-all! Is there anything hotter? Ohhh~'
'They'll give us back our stuff after orientation, I'm sure of it. In fact, it's already been foretold!'
'Sticking out of the victim's midsection is not generally where a knife is kept!'
'Yeah...lemme think about that...You're damn right I object! This is all a bunch of BS!'
'The bear has been very frank with us. To graduate one need only deceive his classmates. And given my classmates, there's nothing to it.
'This degree of villainy...IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!'
'We're going to die...picked off one by one 'til there's...'tile there's no one. Exactly like they were...'
'Well, hello-hello! Welcome! I'm ____! A specially designed artificial intelligence program!'

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