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Where did World War I begin?
Russia, France, and Britain formed what?
Germany, Austria–Hungary, and Italy formed what?
Who was killed by Gavrilo Princip
When was Franz killed
What was the Germans strategy called
What was the area between trenches called
The policy of keeping an army prepared for war is called?
What nation supported Serbia
What state was trying to make a slavic state
What was World War I called before World War II
What kind of warfare was used
Barbed wire is an example of what kind of weapon
What is factories making war materials called
Men being drafted is called
New warfare caused battles to become what
What is the love of your country called
What caused the war
When did the war end
Why did Gavrillo kill Franz
Who was Franz Ferdinand
What technological advancement let people see the war
The government controling economics is called?
What were some defencive weapons
Who won

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