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QUIZ: Can you name the famous Freemasons?

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American astronaut, second to walk on mood
Actor from 1930s
First baseball player elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame
American Jazz composer
Voice of Bugs Bunny and many others
Inventor of the first gasoline powered automobile
Canadian ice hockey legend with a food chain named after him
Politician who died during the siege of The Alamo
Actor and cowboy singer of 'Back in the Saddle Again'
First Black appointed to the US Supreme Court
Famous Baptist Minister and civil rights activist
Author of Sherlock Holmes
Famous country singer
First signer of the Declaration of Independence
Cartoonist of 'Marmaduke' comic strip
Founder of The Order of DeMolay
Famous magician
Famous printer, author, diplomat, philosopher, and scientist
Director of FBI for 48 years
Became boxing heavyweight champ in 1919
7 Famous circus brothers
Famous author, known by his pen name
Revolutionary hero known for his ride and saying 'the British are coming!'
Pilot to make the first transatlantic flight
Famous U.S. Marine bandleader
Famous player of the 'gentlemen's' sport
British author and winner of Nobel Prize for his literature
Founder of Wendy's food chain
English Actor from The Pink Panther
6 time boxing world champion
Famous for a certain 'Charge' he had against the Union
Actor known as 'The Duke'
The 'King of Cowboys', food chain named after him
Pitched the first 'perfect game' in modern baseball
U.S. presidential nominee in 1996
Actor who played Kramer on Seinfeld
Founder of the Mormon Church
NASCAR driver
1st U.S. president
5th U.S. President
7th U.S. president
11th U.S. President
15th U.S. president
20th U.S. president
25th U.S. President
26th U.S. president
27th U.S. president
32nd U.S. president
33rd U.S. president
38th U.S. president

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