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Can you name the things pertaining to Prison Break, A to Z?

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Michael and Lincoln's fatherA
City where President Reynolds hid her brotherB
Organization behind the framing of Lincoln BurrowsC
C-Note's daughterD
Website Michael tells convicts to use to stay in touchE
Street that convicts decide to use to escapeF
Alias of 'Susan B. Anthony', in charge of Whistler's breakoutG
Convict that excaped from the psyche wardH
State where Fox River is locatedI
Prison where the show was filmed (Season 1)J
Head of the organization behind the framing of Lincoln BurrowsK
Inmate who is killed by T-Bag in Panama's prison enabling T-Bag's takeoverL
City where Scofield's mom was killedM
Male attorney who helps Lincoln's love interestN
When Lincoln tries to break LJ out of the courthouse, he tells him to look for ___ right.O
The warden of Fox RiverP
Who President Reynolds called in to clean-up after Hale and KellermanQ
Computer hacker and member of the 'A-Team'R
Name of the prison in PanamaS
Convict who was arrested for stealing a baseball cardT
State where Westmoreland's money was buriedU
Lincoln's love interest and attorneyV
Actor who plays Michael ScofieldW
Video game system that will host the game 'Prison Break' due out March 2010X
Actor who plays Feng HuanY
2nd commanding officer of Panama's prisonZ

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